A Critical Lens into my Autobiography

In my ECS 210 course, I was asked to write an autobiography illustrating the people, places and experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. At first this assignment challenged me to consider the influential moments and people that have impacted my life, however weeks after writing it, I have been further challenged by having to acknowledging the things I left out. I failed to mention anywhere in my autobiography that I am a white, heterosexual female belonging to upper middle class society. Why? I did not recognize these identifiers as being important to my identity. Perhaps this is because I have never faced issue for these qualities as they reflect the dominant society. However, is it not fair to say that fitting so conveniently into societal “norms” has impacted and privileged me greatly, contributing to my identity far more than I ever considered? As a future teacher it is important for me to be aware of the lens I am looking through and to be aware of the things such as those that I left out of my autobiography, as they may have a more direct impact on others.